"We find your balance between

spending too much

and living too little!"

Greg Phelps

Lead Plan Designer

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Author of
Portfolio Architect:
5 Keys to Design, Build and Manage
Your Ultimate Investment Plan

“Greg successfully simplifies complex material, and entertains the reader at the same time.” Denise Wilcox, CFP
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What Can We Do For You?

We’re a Fee Only CFP® Certified Financial Advisor in Las Vegas providing Client Focused, Results Driven Financial & Investment Planning & 401(k) retirement plans

Financial Planning For Individuals


Financial Planning for Individuals in Las Vegas

Scared you’ll die broke or worry you’ll sacrifice your quality of life? Our financial planning process will chart a clear path towards your financial goals.

Financial & Investment Planning

Retirement Plans for Businesses

Accredited Investment Fiduciary® Advisor

401k Plan Advisors in Las Vegas

We design and manage 401(k) and other defined contribution and defined benefit plans for small to medium sized businesses.

401(k) & Retirement Plans

Why Finacuity

Client Focused, Results Driven.

As a fee only fiduciary we’re different from 94% of financial advisors, and we pledge an experience second to none!

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Thoughts on Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Insurance, Medical & Healthcare, and more.

Dollar Cost Averaging – Whiteboard Wealth 3

What is Dollar Cost Averaging? As a saver (not a spender) you have access to one of the most powerful savings tools ever - dollar cost averaging! Even better is most people don't really understand how it works but when you do you'll be in love with the math behind dollar cost averaging. What ...

How To Invest In A Bear Market – Whiteboard Wealth #2

How To Invest In A Bear Market - Whiteboard Wealth #2 There's a big difference between savers and spenders. Savers want the market to drop - or you SHOULD anyway! Spenders don't, they want the value to rise. This video is for savers who want to know how to invest in a bad market, not spenders ...

How To Invest In A Bear Market-Whiteboard Wealth #1

How To Invest In A Bear Market - Perspective This is my very first Whiteboard Wealth video - how to invest in a bear market! It's all about the perspective you have and I 100% plan on flipping your perspective upside down, 180 degrees opposite of what you're accustomed to. The fact is ...
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